Move With Me is a celebration of dance and movement and the unique ways we move our bodies. Move With Me draws inspiration from Qoya Movement, a practice that is based on the idea that through movement we remember our bodies are wise, wild and free.

The performance allows us to find beauty in the unique ways we express ourselves.

Director: Heidi Barrett

Dramaturge: Samantha Bews

Performers: Mici Boxell, Nicholas Cobbold, Kyra Drummond, Ben Dubuc Timson, Sarah Goninon, Kelly Hartland, Yvette Keane, Kate Prendergast, Samuel Thompson, David Smith, Larni Bray, John Willis

Stage Manager: Briega Young

Lighting: Neil Harrison

Sound tech: Ezra Demchy

Filming: Leonie Van Eyk

Creative Producer: John Willis