The Saturday Visual Arts Group is a weekly workshop, facilitated by experienced practicing artists, that builds participant’s skill in using a variety of art materials. The group is supported by Disability Support Workers.

As well as working with pencils and paint, the group has explored collage, print making, sculpture and techniques with fabric and paper machete. Participants are encouraged to find their own way of working with materials while having guidance and instruction available from the facilitator. Collaborative group work is a feature of their activity.

The social aspect of working together is recognised as an important part of the experience in participating in the group.

Work from participants is exhibited annually. Exhibitions have been at La Trobe Visual Arts Centre (now La Trobe Arts Institute) and in the foyers of The Capital Theatre. Work from the group is on display at Golden City Support Services.

This artwork is a figure made of brightly coloured fabric woven through mesh. It is visible from the chest up. It is decorated with paper rosettes , rosettes and marbles for eyes and curly pipe cleaners for hair.