The Peace Choir is an inclusive choir with people from different places in their lives, with different backgrounds, faces and ages yet each person contributes to the pattern and colour and harmony of the Choir.

We are drawn together for around 30 weeks a year connected by the threads of music, food, company and singing. The choir is based in Castlemaine and is directed by James Rigby.

We know how singing together contributes to feeling good, building our confidence and wellbeing. We value inclusiveness and as a group we gently and quietly care for each other by creating a sense of belonging, friendship, connection and community. And we have loads of fun singing together.

Our repertoire of songs supports us as we sing of tolerance, peace, heart, passion and power. We are welcoming, here for each other and we draw strength from The Peace Choir while sharing, food, fun and song.

For more information and to contact the choir:
Phone: 0408 547 511