Do you believe in fairies? CreateA’s first ever Mini-Feature Film, Ever Been To Neverland? is the Saturday Ensemble’s own take on the story of Peter Pan, but our Peta is a Peta not a Peter! The Jolly Roger has an onboard Café, Brewery and Tattoo Parlour and Peta borrows Mrs Darling’s kombi to fly to Neverland, with the help of a sprinkle of fairy dust from Tink.

Our story challenges conventional notions of female rites of passage into adulthood, and explores what it really means to grow up. Ever Been To Neverland? takes audiences on a journey through Neverland guided by the All Directions Lost Boy Band, and Neverland News Anchorwoman, Cassandra Crosscheck. Who will rescue Bendigo Braves star forward, Tiger Sam, from the clutches of Captain Hook…?

Ever Been to Neverland? features The Bendigo Braves Basketball Team and CheerNDance Community Cheerleaders. Local filmmaker Leonie Van Eyk worked with us as Director of Photography to create this hilarious, anarchic version of a classic story, reimagined for a new generation.

Ever Been To Neverland? had its Premier Screening on International Day of People with a Disability, Monday December 3 2018 at Bendigo Village Cinemas.